Standards of Dress for Cleveland Golf Club

The following dress rules will be applicable for the members, visitors and guests at Cleveland Golf Club using the Club House.

(Rules applicable to the CLUB HOUSE - COURSE Dress Code see separate rule)

Members, Visitors and Guests are expected to adopt a Smart Casual standard of dress at all times and must observe the following:

* No Beach shorts, sports shorts or “cut-off” trousers/jeans.

* No Headgear is to be worn in the Club House Bar or Lounge area.

* No Track suits, (bottoms and/or tops), including Shell Suits.

* No Beach shorts, sports shorts or “cut-off” trousers/jeans.

* Smart Denim jeans may be worn in the club house (No ripped jeans or work jeans).

* Smart training shoes can be worn (clean), NO croc shoes. Socks must be worn at all times.

* No Vests, Rugby/Football Shirts. (When an international football or rugby match is on we will be able to relax this rule).

* Smart Tee shirts or round neck collarless shirts may be worn, but must not have offensive logos or labels etc.

* Shoes worn on the Golf Course MUST NOT BE WORN in the Club House.

* Dress shorts may be worn in the clubhouse/lounge until 8pm and IN THE BAR ONLY AREA at any time.

Children under the age of 10 years are exempted from the above dress regulations.

No children under 14 years are allowed in the clubhouse or on the course after 9pm. (Unless specifically invited to do so and are supervised at all times)

These standards supersede all previous instructions regarding dress and the Management Committee trust that all members will uphold the standards of the Golf Club. The Management Committee on certain occasion may specify a more formal standard of dress if so required, by giving reasonable notice. The above changes to the dress may be amended or withdrawn without notice if it found the dress rules are being abused.